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Weed Man USA Purchases Rights to Canadian Territories

Weed Man Unifies Brand as International Entity

Weed Man USA/Turf Holdings Inc. is pleased to announce that it has formed a new company, TH Canada Inc., and has purchased the rights to Weed Man Canada. In total, the team now oversees over 680 territories worldwide.

When Weed Man Canada president & co-founder Brenda Rice announced her impending retirement, it felt like a natural fit for Weed Man USA to explore unifying the Weed Man brand as a whole. The agreement was finalized at the end of November 2018 and has been a whirlwind of excitement since. 

“The transition has been exhilarating, and my team respects the responsibility we now have to take this recognized brand to new heights as we enter the future as a united front,” states Jennifer Lemcke, C.O.O. of Weed Man.  “Thanks to Brenda’s vision and commitment to the customer, Weed Man has thrived throughout the last five decades in Canada and beyond. We will continue to represent the brand with the strongest winning culture in North America.”

On the brink of their 50-year anniversary, Weed Man is looking forward to using its even stronger brand power to propel the company forward. 
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