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Weed Man Success Profiles

Audrey & Corbin Schlatter

Weed Man Columbus, OH and Dayton, OH

Name: Audrey & Corbin Schlatter

Markets: https://columbus-north.weedman.com/  https://dayton.weedman.com/

Number of Locations: Opened Columbus in 2006; prior to that, they owned a Weed Man franchise in Defiance which was sold in 2010. They operated both their Defiance and Columbus offices from 2006-2010. Last year, the couple purchased Green County and just added Dayton.

Education: Corbin grew up on his family’s dairy farm and was briefly enrolled in a pre-engineering program at a community college before opening his landscaping business. Audrey is a registered nurse but left the nursing field in 2015 to work full-time at Weed Man.

Career Background: They are originally from Northwest Ohio and a town called Paulding. Corbin’s lawn care career began at the age of 19, when he saw an ad in the local newspaper for a mowing business for sale. He bought the business and it wasn’t long before it took off. He began diversifying his business into landscaping and landscaping maintenance. Through working in the industry he came to learn about Weed Man and the company’s values – which impressed him. In 2003, Corbin bought Weed Man Defiance and added it onto his existing business. In 2005, Corbin made the decision to sell his landscape business so he could focus on growing Weed Man alone. That eventually led the family to relocate to Columbus.

Family: Five children now. They have twin girls, age 16, a 14 year old girl, and two boys, age 11 and 9.

Why Weed Man? The reputation of the company’s leadership provided the brand with the credibility and support systems that he was looking for. Ultimately, Corbin was looking for more structure than he had with the landscape business he operated on his own. The growth potential was there and the proven success of the model convinced him to move forward. After initially opening Weed Man in Defiance, their team quickly grew the business but they soon realized the Defiance area had restrictions due to the size of the territory. The Columbus Market provided a much larger business opportunity and utilizing the systems provided by Weed Man growth has occurred since inception. The move to the Columbus area also has allowed Corbin, Audrey and their family to support a small church as faith is the central driving force in their lives.

What are you most proud of so far as a Weed Man franchisee? Corbin and Audrey have found the most joy in being able to provide a career path for their employees. One example is a salesman who started working for them in high school. He left for college but came back to them as a sales manager and he has played a big role in their success. They have about 20 employees who are all treated like family and their professional development is taken very seriously.

What is the key to your success? The husband and wife team makes it a priority to do things the right way and follow the processes to the best of their ability. That means being honest with employees and going above and beyond for customers. They believe strongly that any inconsistencies should be addressed immediately not the third or fourth time it happens. From a personal stand point Corbin and Audrey find ways to separate how they interact with one another at work from their life at home. They have different approaches at work, so they’ve learned not to take criticism personally.

What’s next for you and your business? Audrey has played a vital role for the past couple of years, but she is ready to take more of a part-time role to spend time with the kids. Having grown by 35 percent and reached the $2 million revenue mark this year, the goal is to keep improving their team and taking it one day at a time.