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Andy Kurth Turns Slow Season Into Opportunity

Madison, WI Franchisee Featured in American Express

If you're a fan of the Weed Man franchise brand, you've likely heard the name 'Andy Kurth' before. Andy is a multi-unit Weed Man franchise owner, (very) successfully operating offices out of Madison, WI; Milwaukee, WI; Fox Valley, WI; Elgin, IL; Rockford, IL; Austin, TX; Denver, CO and Boise, ID. An innovator and true leader within our network, Andy makes the most of every opportunity he gets. And that means turning lawn care's "slow season" into profitable opportunity. 

As American Express (AMEX) Company writes, "Peaks and valleys are typical for small businesses, especially in industries that have seasonal demand. If you have a seasonal or cyclical business, you're likely already using strategies like reducing costs during the down cycle. But why not take advantage of the slow season to turn it into business opportunities?" 

In their article titled, '5 Growth Strategies That Can Help Turn the Slow Season Into Opportunities,' Andy talks about growth strategies he uses within his business. And whatever he's doing is working! After all, his franchises (owned by himself and his father, Terry Kurth) recently achieved $14 million in annual sales (!!!). 

>> Read the entire AMEX Company article HERE

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