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Jennifer Lemcke Featured in Franchising USA Magazine

Learn how Jennifer Lemcke leveraged her transition to CEO during the pandemic to re-energize and unite the franchise system

Franchising USA magazine is well-respected in the franchising industry. Their editorial is written by top experts throughout the franchise network to provide fresh articles that are directed to the interests and concerns of potential franchisees and master franchisees alike.

Their latest Issue featured Weed Man's CEO, Jennifer Lemcke. The article covers how Lemcke leveraged her Weed Man "family" and corporate team during the pandemic to re-energize and unite the franchise system, all while simultaneously transitioning into the CEO position at Weed Man and taking the reins from her father, Roger Mongeon.

The article features incredible insight on what it's like to lead the largest franchised lawn care company in the world, bringing you inside the mind of Jennifer Lemcke. Here is a great quote from Jennifer describing the past year:

"Although it was a time of turmoil - and of course it would’ve been great if none of us had to experience COVID-19 at all, but for me especially during my first year as CEO - it honestly made me stronger and better equipped my team and I, to help us face anything that comes our way in the future. Over the past year or so, I grew as a person and as a leader more than I ever could have imagined. Facing adversity made the role transition a lot quicker (I had no choice but to move quickly!), but I grew through it...and to me, that’s a win! I still don’t know that I have all of the answers, but I learned that I don’t need all of them right now."

We would like to thank Franchising USA for this great piece on Jennifer Lemcke and Weed Man. To read the full article please CLICK HERE.