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Jennifer Lemcke Featured on Forbes.com

Jennifer Lemcke Featured on Forbes.com

Flourishing in the Male-Dominated Industry

It's no surprise that the green industry is male-dominated. But, more and more women are becoming involved in the booming landscape (pun intended!). And Weed Man's very own Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Lemcke, is no exception. Lemcke was recently featured in Forbes magazine's '5 Women Flourishing In The Male-Dominated Landscaping Industry.' As they put it, "Sometimes people don't believe that a woman knows the ins and outs of the landscape industry." But this article, featuring Lemcke and four other female powerhouses, proves that notion wrong!

Jennifer Lemcke has faced two challenges in her career with Weed Man: proving herself as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated industry, and also proving herself as the daughter of the company’s CEO. “Fighting to prove yourself worthy amongst your peers and co-workers can be difficult and all-encompassing,” Lemcke says. “I quickly learned to really listen to what people want and expect, and then work hard to deliver on expectations. This has been something that I have embraced in myself and have worked on instilling in my kids: you don’t have to be the best, but you do have to work hard to bring value to the team.” 

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