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Introducing Mosquito Hero

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Weed Man is proud to introduce our newest branded service: Mosquito Hero


After 50 successful years in lawn care, Weed Man expanded its service offerings and launched the Mosquito Hero brand in 2020. Backed by decades of experience in the home services industry, every participating locally owned and operated franchise across the United States & Canada has the knowledge, systems, and expertise required to provide exceptional mosquito control services using the latest products and technology. Over 100 franchisees across North America are now proudly offering residential mosquito control services under the Mosquito Hero brand.


Why Mosquito Hero?

Mosquito control is a fast-growing sector in the pest control industry. In the United States and Canada, mosquito populations are on the rise. As a result, the demand for services to eliminate these nuisance pests is increasing rapidly. Similarly, there is a growing concern for mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile. Lawn care and mosquito control really make a great fit, and it seemed like a natural next step for us to offer these services in tandem with one another. However, after our first year of providing mosquito control, we felt that this service really got lost in the shuffle under the Weed Man umbrella. 


In order to give our mosquito control service its own identity and help it stand out from the crowd, we made the decision to re-launch it under its own dedicated brand. Mosquito Hero now features its own website, marketing materials, and brand assets, all of which have been designed to tie in seamlessly with existing Weed Man branding and marketing. Visit our consumer website to learn more: mosquitohero.com



What Does this Mean for Weed Man Franchisees?

When you become a Weed Man franchisee, not only are you joining a lawn care brand backed by 50 years of experience, you now have all the tools and support to flourish in the booming mosquito control industry. Lawn care and mosquito control tend to go hand-in-hand, giving our franchisees a great opportunity to cross-market the two services. We’re so excited about the future of our business!


If you are interested in learning more about Weed Man and Mosquito Hero, please don’t hesitate to request a consultation.