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​Weed Man USA Hits $100M Milestone By Investing in People

Fastest-Growing U.S. Lawn Care Franchise Gives New Meaning to People-Centered Culture

CLEVELAND Weed Man USA, the largest franchised lawn care company in North America, is proof positive that when a business wholeheartedly invests in people, an ongoing culture of success is created. With systems in place that are strategically designed to create multiple advancement opportunities for franchisees and their employees, Weed Man has experienced year over year growth. This week, the company announced that it has officially hit the $100 million revenue milestone in the United States.

Additional growth indicators include:

  • Since January, Weed Man USA has expanded into 21 new territories.
  • The franchise has now established roots into 520-plus territories throughout the United States.
  • Weed Man USA has grown almost 12% in 2017 and is projected to continue growing at the same rate in 2018.

Strong Roots

Weed Man started in Canada when Desmond and Brenda Rice launched the company to meet the growing demand for professional lawn care, weed control and pest management services. After witnessing its success as Canada’s leading lawn care company, Weed Man USA CEO Roger Mongeon made a decision to expand the brand into the United States. 

Investing in the Future through People

The Weed Man USA apprenticeship program teaches owners and employees to not only work on themselves, but to help teach those who are following in their footsteps. This program has allowed Weed Man employees from a wide range of backgrounds to manage or even own/operate a successful Weed Man business. Matt Peters, who started with Weed Man USA in a summer role at the age of 16, worked his way up in the company with the help of the apprenticeship program. He opened his own Weed Man USA franchise at age 24. Another example is Allen Montoya, who started working for Weed Man USA when he was 14 as a part-time door knocker and is now a Sales Manager.
“Our franchisees see potential in all types of people – even those who may not display the ‘typical’ traits of business leaders, but who have true determination and spirit. We invest in programs that allow our franchisees to provide opportunities for these promising individuals to grow and develop,” said Jennifer Lemcke, COO of Weed Man USA. “As part of the Weed Man culture, our franchisees believe in and take an interest in employees with a wide range of work experience – all of whom have the will to play an active role in the business’s growth. We build a roadmap to success for these people. They pay it forward with loyality to the brand. They value the mentorship of their franchisee and develop into leaders. Everyone wins.”

Winning Franchisees

In addition to the support provided by regional consultants and the corporate staff, franchisees have access to their fellow Weed Man owners who serve as an amazing resource. A prime example of a Weed Man franchisee who created a productive culture in his business is Weed Man Roswell, Georgiaowner Jim McClure, who grew his Weed Man into the single largest unit franchise. Additionally, our largest multi-unit owners, Andy and Terry Kurth, value mentoring key employees for ownership roles. With 6 locations, 14 license agreements, and 40 terrorities, the Kurths look forward to further expanding their Weed Man business.
“Weed Man USA is thankful for our franchisees and all team members behind the brand whose vision and determination led us to this milestone,” Lemcke added. “Since the beginning, the Weed Man team has fueled a winning culture with a quiet yet forceful attitude that makes everyone see that we can all build a successful company together.”
After reaching the $100 million milestone, Weed Man USA is looking forward to attending the Green Industry & Equipment Expo, which will take place between October 19-20 in Louisville, Kentucky. At the event, individiduals will have the opportunity to meet with the Weed Man USA corporate team as well as various franchisees and subfranchisors from the Weed Man USA system.
“We’re looking for potential franchisees that can contribute to our winning culture, and represent the Weed Man USA brand in a positive way,” said Lemcke, noting plentiful room for additional Weed Man franchise territories nationwide.

About Weed Man
Weed Man USA, North America’s No. 1 franchised lawn care provider, is a network of locally owned and operated is lawn care businesses providing environmentally responsible fertilization, weed control and integrated pest management services. For more than 45 years, Weed Man's promise has always been the same: Weed Man treats every lawn as if it was their own and provides customers with honest and open communication. Weed Man entered the U.S. market in 1996 through a licensing agreement with Turf Holdings, Inc. and began awarding franchises in 2000. Today, Weed Man helps support franchisees in more than 520 territories throughout the United States.