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Mike Schulz

Weed Man Fort Collins, Colorado & Surrounding Areas

Former Mechanical Engineer Now Helps Homeowners Build the Perfect Lawn

Market: Fort Collins, Colorado and surrounding areas. Website: Weed Man Fort Collins

Career Background: Before opening Weed Man in January of 2018, Mike Schulz was a mechanical engineer who worked for a chemical company called BASF. During his decade-and-a-half tenure, Mike held a number of different roles—supply chain specialist, customer consultant, product manager and marketing manager before transitioning to FMC Technologies, where he had a five-year stint as a commercial manager on the business development side. 

Mike, however, began to long for something more than just a nine-to-five gig in corporate America; he wanted to be his own boss, make his own schedule and, most importantly, spend more time with his wife, Rebecca, and two daughters. After researching and looking for something that would give them a larger stake in the community, Mike and Rebecca knew Weed Man was the perfect franchise opportunity for them. They both felt the franchise would utilize their background knowledge of business and provide them with the work-life balance they always wanted. The couple decided to plant roots in Fort Collins, Colo., because of the outdoor culture, the area’s interest in agriculture and the friendly neighborhood and sense of community the city espouses.  

Here’s a Q&A from Mike that offers advice on what it takes to be a Weed Man franchisee: 

Q: What has been the key to your success at Weed Man thus far? 
The franchisee training was an integral piece to getting us prepared and our location off on the right foot. We both had experience managing businesses in the past, so we understood the importance of a detailed and comprehensive business plan, which Weed Man provided. Once training finished, we had that actionable road map of what needed to happen and get done from day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month in order to be successful. 

Additionally, investing in the customer and developing honest, genuine relationships with them has been instrumental in our quick start. Whether that means actually getting on the phones, answering calls and talking to customers or striking up a conversation with homeowners on the lawn, having customers know and believe you’re there for them has gone a long way toward bolstering our business and giving it a great rapport.