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Weed Man Success Profiles

Nick Miller

Weed Man Salt Lake City, UT and Utah County, UT

Market: https://salt-lake.weedman.com  https://utah-county.weedman.com

Education: Graduated from Provo High School in Provo, Utah

Family: Married with four children. He has two daughters and two sons.

Career Background: Nick’s passion for the landscaping industry is 13 years strong. Prior to becoming a Weed Man franchisee, Nick and his wife Elyse established their own landscaping company, M&M Landscaping, in 2006. Since then Nick and Elyse have been running the two Weed Man territories, alongside M&M Landscaping.


Why Weed Man? Nick chose to pursue the Weed Man franchise opportunity for a variety of reasons but a big factor was the quality of lawn care products that are exclusive to the Weed Man system. Weed Man’s lawn care products are uniquely formulated, and are unlike any products found elsewhere.

What are you most proud of so far as a Weed Man franchisee? A proud moment for Nick was growing his team of employees to fourteen dedicated individuals. He takes pride in knowing that his employees are succeeding in their roles and he can see how their achievements are positively impacting their lives. Looking
to the future, Nick hopes to have the opportunity to expand his team to include even more employees.

What is the key to your success? Nick has found success by continuing to set goals and to putting in the necessary work to achieve each assigned goal. With a thorough business plan to follow, Nick and his team always know exactly what needs to get done to run a successful Weed Man franchise. He advised for all Weed Man franchisees to budget properly and stick to the marketing plan provided.

What’s next for you and your franchise? As of right now, Nick does not have any immediate plans or announcements for his Weed Man business. However, looking to the future, Nick aims to expand his business throughout the Western region of the United States.